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"little giant" firm,global ozone system supplier

Qingdao Guolin Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guolin Technology) was established in 1994, which is a high-tech enterprise engaged in researching, manufacturing and trading. As a professional expert of Ozone solution, Guolin Technology invests itself in ozone generation mechanism study, ozone equipment design and manufacture, ozone application engineering design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. It has an ozone equipment production base covering an area of more than 130 acres, which is making Guolin Technology become the leading enterprise in China's ozone industry. Guolin Technology (Stock code: 300786.SZ) was officially listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on July 23, 2019, becoming the first listed enterprise of ozone industry.

Guolin Technology belives "The innovation of Technologies is the light illuminate the way to the future of being harmony. Guolin Technology perseveres in independent research and development of core technologies and has successfully achieved the capbility of making core components. With more than 30 years of efforts, it has conquered the manufacturing technologies of tube-type ozone generators, plate-type ozone generators, and electrolyzed water ozone generators. Guolin Technology has become a leading manufacturing enterprise in China that has successfully broken through the manufacturing technology of a series of ozone generators from 1kgO3/h to 10kgO3/h, 100kgO3/h, and 500 kgO3/h, its products widely used in municipal water, waste water, industry sewage, flue gas denitrification, chemical oxidation, petroleum, semiconductor, medical, agriculture and other fields.

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The company's R & D center is granted the honor of the "Provincial enterprise Technology Center" and "Shandong Ozone Engineering Technology Research Center". Also, it has presided over the formulation of the national standard "Technical requirements for ozone generator for water and waste treatment" (GB/T37894-2019), presided over the revision of China's urban construction industry standard "Ozone generator for water and waste water treatment" (CJ/T322-2010); It undertook the national "Twelfth Five-Year Major Science and Technology Special Water project" project, the national "Thirteenth Five-Year Key Research and Development Plan" project, and the national "Thirteenth Five-Year Major science and Technology special Water project" project.

Guolin Technology is the first enterprise in ozone industry to be honored with the National Specialized "New Little Giant" title given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In addition, Guolin is recognized as environmental protection equipment manufacture enterprise with standard conditions of air pollution treatment , environmental protection equipment manufacture enterprise with standard conditions of sewage treatment , the state encouraged enterprise developed major environmental protection technology and supporting equipment. Guolin Technology is holding over a hundred patents, including invention patents, practical new-type patents, and software copyrights.

Guolin Technology has always committed to the "Develop Ozone Technology and Cast Green Industry ". Currently, it is becoming a global ozone system supplier, and will continue to focus on ozone technology research and application in the future. Guolin Technology always provides professional ozone system solutions for clients in different fields and with different needs.

Business Sectors

  • Ozone Equipment System

    Qingdao Guolin Technology Group Co., Ltd.

  • Semi Conductor

    Qingdao Guolin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Health Care

    Qingdao Guolin Health Technology Co., Ltd.

  • New Material

    Xinjiang Guolin New Materials Co., Ltd.

  • Instrument of Detection and Analysis

    Qingdao Lontec Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Piezoelectric Material

    Qingdao Guolin Ceramic New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Fluid Technology

    Qingdao Guolin Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.

  • New Energy

    Qingdao Guolin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Production Power

The company focuses on the manufacturing ozone system equipment and devotes itself to becoming a professional supplier of ozone system. It has a professional production base covering an field of more than 87000 square meters and a building area of more than 90000 square meters. This base includes a production workshop and a technical performance testing workshop for manufacturing a whole set of ozone system equipment. In the site, the key core components of ozone system can be independently produced. Through the infor matization of manufacturing process, the company promotes the reform of the production workflow and improves the production efficiency. This let the company being able to operate a new modern production base with first-class technology and efficient devices.

  • Ozone assembly workshop

    The total ozone assembly workshop occupies an area of nearly 15000 square meters. It is equipped with non-glass medium production line, dust-free generator assembly room, power cabinet assembly line, ozone generator performance test platform and automatic tube-penetrating production line. The workship is a comprehensive workshop assembling large, medium and small ozone generator and making production of ozone system supporting products. The assembly workshop team adheres to the "craftsman spirit" of striving for perfection to perform professional and refined manufacturing management in terms of providing users with high-end products.

  • Pressure vessel workshop

    Pressure vessel workshop building area is nearly 19000 square meters certifies as A2-level pressure vessel manufacturing and design. The lisence is issued by Shandong province technical supervision bureau. The workshop is installed with X-RAY flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, spectrum analyzer, large CNC laser plate cutting equipment, automatic laser profile blanking machine, heavy three-roll bending machine, four-roll bending machine, edge submerged arc automatic welding device, tube sheet automatic welding machine, high-speed digital drilling machine, welding robots, plasma welding device, large vertical lathe and etc. The workshop constantly improve equipment intelligent level and optimize resources configuration in order to provide users with high quality pressure vessel products and solutions.

  • Transformer workshop

    The transformer workshop covers an area of nearly 10,000 square meters, which is in line with the advanced level of international brand. It independently designs, manufactures and tests various types of transformers, and has the core technology of special transformer and reactor for ozone generator. The production equipment, such as automatic longitudinal and transverse shear production line of silicon steel sheet, automatic winding machine, multi-function test platform and so on. The workshop is quality-oriented and innovation drived. The workshop provides users with products with superior performance and reliable quality.

  • Power electronics workshop

    This workshop mainly produces rectifying uinits, inverter units and circuit board control units. With a construction area of 4500 square meters, the Workshop is equipped with thousands clean-level purification room and circuit board welding production line. It mainly solves the control of integrated systems such as ozone generator and oxygen generator.

Guolin new materials equiped with Guolin Technology Group's 30 years of ozone technical accumulation. The company successfully breakthrough many technical barrier to developed a new chemical oxidation process based on ozone application. It can do this by using various means of digital operation in large scale produce of high purity glyoxylic acid.

Guolin new material has 2 factory sites (Qingdao and Shihezi), which can meet national and foreign customer's various logistic needs. By rail and sea, it can be most convenient to delivery the goods around the globe.

  • Advanced Technology

    1.Large-scale mass production

    2.The highest purity of glyoxal acid monohydrate is as high as 99%

    3.The emission of three wastes is very small, safe and environmentally friendly

    4.Automated workflow operation

    5.Strict inspection to assure quality

  • Advanced and Efficient Factory

    1.The factory uses advanced intelligent and streamlined production system to produce and ship quickly

    2.The factory controls the production system in a timely manner through big data

    3.The use of robots can be produced 24 hours a day

    4.Crystal acetaldehyde acid full production capacity -25000 tons/year

    5.Potassium formate full production capacity -22700 tons/year

  • Convenient, Efficient and Safe Transportation

    1.Sea and land Transport means meet any customer requirements

    2.International Land and sea access, One Belt and One Road

    3.East and West double factories to meet the requirements of customers across the country

Guolin Health production workshop is mainly divided into two areas:

  • Standard Workshop

    This facility is mainly produce household-use products, such as water ozone water machine, household water purifier, hydrogen-rich water machine. Workshop Mainly cover multiple speedy assembly lines, which includes an assembly area, debug area, packaging area. The assembly line directly complete all production steps from assembling to packaging and finish checking. Each operation are equipped with SOP Board for operation employee. Employees are bale to timely correct their own work content if necessary. The Workshop reach medical-clean standard, and operated materials are food grade.

  • Medical Workshop

    This facility is is prepared for making medical products. The mainly producing products includes medical oxygen generator and ozone therapeutic device. The workshop is a space of ten thousands clean-level, which has passed the GPM Certification. The workshop has met the best evironmental requirements on product quality It is mainly installed multiple speed assembly lines covering the assembling step, commissioning process, aging test step, packaging process. Standardized operation of the assembling line guarantee the best operation specification for the quality and consistent performance of making products.

  • Warehousing and Logistics

    According to the product, our stocking team has refined warehouse management. Our warehouses are classified as core parts warehouse, component warehouse, plastic and hardware warehouse and packed product warehouse. Every workshop is also equipped with a component library in order to meet the normal flow of materials without affecting the cross mixing of materials. The material is more smooth and convenient in the whole production workflow, which provides work efficiency and reduces the error rate of material requisition.

The company has a high-standard semiconductor clean factory with a construction area of 2000 square meters, a ten-thousand-grade clean production workshop and a thousand-grade clean test workshop for manufacturing a complete set of semiconductor-grade ozone system equipment,. Besides, the factory is prepared with a professional automatic production work line.

  • Thousands-grade clean level test workshop area occupies a space of 240 square meters

  • Ten-thousands clean level plant has an area of 900 square meters

    There are four production lines in this workshop, including two semi-automatic production lines of ozone generator. Each line has 24 assembly stations. This brings the maximum capacity reaching 48 sets per day, and the monthly capacity can reach 1000 sets;. In addition, the other two water machine production lines with each 15 stations can reach the maximum capacity of 30 sets per week, and the monthly capacity can reach 100 sets.



1994-12-13 Qingdao Guolin industry Co., Ltd. was founded.


1996-11-08 Guolin Ozone Technology Application Institute was founded.


2000-02-01“Double cooling ozone generation tank” researched and developed independently by Guolin was obtained National Utility New Model Patent(ZL99 2 47355.1)


2001-08-01 “Connected type high-voltage electrode with enamel coating” (ZL01 2 68920.3)and “large ozone generator generation tank” (ZL01 2 69045.7)developed by Guolin won the National Utility Models Patents


2002-09 Guolin finished the production of the first 3kg/h ozone generator in China and change the situation that China manufacturers cannot produce ozone generator above 2Kg/h capacity in past 30 years.


2004-11 The single unit of “20kg/h Ozone Generator” was independently developed by our company and passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal of the Ministry of construction.


2005-05-06 “20kg/h ozone generator development project” was listed as “2005 National Torch Plan Project” by National Science and Technology Bureau.


2008-07 Guolin won the bid of 20kg/h ozone generator system project in Kunshan Water Supply Group, competing with foreign ozone equipment in municipal water supply field.


2008-10-24 “50kg/h Large Ozone Generator” developed by Guolin passed the Scientific and Technological Achievements Evaluation of Ministry of Construction. Guolin become the third manufacturer in the world which can produce ozone generator with capacity above 50kg/h.


2009-12-07 Qingdao Guolin ozone equipment production base (first stage) was started for foundation construction in Laixi City Jiangshan Industrial Park.


2010-05 “CF-G-2-50kg large ozone generator" won the honor of national key new product.


2010-06-01 Industrial standard “Ozone Generator for Water Treatment” CJ/T322-2010 mainly edited by Guolin put into force in nationwide.


2011 Guolin undertakes the project of "development and industrialization of large-scale ozone generator equipment" in water project, a major national science and technology project during the 12th Five Year Plan period.


2011-10-23 Guolin restructured into incorporated company.2011-10 First stage Guolin ozone equipment production base with 33000 square meters area officially put into operation.


2011-11-13 Guolin won the bidding of Shanghai Petrochemical catalytic cracking catalyst of heavy oil project with 5 sets of 80kg/h ozone system. This is the biggest ozone system applied in flue gas denitrification industry in the world.


2012-03 Guolin ozone equipment industrial base (phase II) with an area of 55000 square meters was officially started.


2012-06 The "large (120kg/h) ozone generator" project independently developed by our company has passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China (MOHURD).


2012-10 Guolin won the bidding of Shi Jiazhuang Qiaodong Waste Water Plant with 5 sets of 120kg/h ozone system project for 600,000.00m3/day waste water treatment and become the largest ozone system used in water treatment project in the world.


Guolin won the honorary title of "key high tech enterprise of national Torch Plan".


2013-10-10 “Large Non-glass Dielectric Ozone Generator(100kg/h)” afforded by Guolin passed the Evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China(MOHURD).


2014-06-11 National Twelfth Five-year Plan Major Scientific and Technological Water Treatment Special Project for “Non-glass Dielectric Large Ozone Generator Equipment Development and Industrialization” afforded by Guolin passed the Acceptance of Water Management Office of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China(MOHURD), which become the first unit that passed the acceptance check.


2014-11-17 Guolin finished the second stage production base with 55000square meters. Until now, Guolin has the largest ozone production base in the world with total 88800 square meters (area of structure: 54000 square meters), which is the world's leading specialized ozone equipment production base.


2015-05 Guolin won the bid for 480KG / h ozone system equipment in Shaoxing Binhai printing and dyeing cluster area sewage advanced treatment project.


2015-07 Guolin was listed on the new third board, stock abbreviation: Guolin environmental protection, stock code: 832938.


2016-01 Company changed name to "Qingdao Guolin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.".


2016-06 Guolin, as the undertaking unit of the national "12th Five Year Plan" water special project, participated in the national 12th Five Year Plan scientific and technological innovation achievement exhibition and was reviewed by national leaders.


Guolin participated in the 13th five year plan science and technology major project water special project, evaluation, verification and standardization of key materials and equipment of urban water supply system.


Guolin presided over the formulation of "Technical Requirements for Ozone Generator for Water Treatment" national standard.


2018-05 Guolin has been selected as the supporting unit of the “Catalogue of Major Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Encouraged by the State” (2017 Edition).


2019-07 The company's initial public offering and listing on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Stock abbreviation: Guolin Technology, stock code: 300786.


2019-08 The National Standard GB / T 37894-2019, “Technical Requirements for Ozone Generators for Water Treatment” which was edited by Guolin, was issued and officially implemented on July 1, 2020.


On April 1st, 2020, the board of direcrtos has approved the proposal on the establishment of holding subsidiaries, and agreed to set up Qingdao Guolin Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Guolin Health Technology Co., Ltd.


In July 2020, the national standard "technical requirements for ozone generators for water treatment", GB/T 37894-2019, drafted by the company was formally implemented.


In September 2020, Xinjiang Guolin New Material Co., Ltd. Successfully bat th 09 plant plot. The land covers about 150 acres. The new 25000 ton high quality crystal glyoxylic acid production base had been started building and was expected to be completed in the end of 2021.


In March, the new workshop, Precision Machining Center, was completed and put into use.


In March, company stated to use ozone specialized robot of welding, tube sheet welding machine, laser cutting machine, robot welding etc. The automation level further improved.


In March, the project of the national key research and development, " The co-absorption technology of NOx and SO2 pre-ozone oxidation " undertaken by the company passed the acceptance.


In May, the company won the honorary title as high-end brand of manufacturing industry in Shandong province.


In June, the high-frequency inverter power supply was successfully developed, which impoved the accurate adjustment of ultra-high concentration ozone gas and output;


In July, the company was recognized as a national elite eterprise of new "little giant".


In July, the major national science and technology project of the 13th 5-years plan, "water Special" project of large-scale ozone generator integrated equipment research and development evaluation verification and standardization, undertaken by Guolin was passed the acceptance.


In August, the non-contact liquid level detection technology was successfully developed, which makes a real-time accurate detection of small liquid level of ultrapure water;


In August, successfully get invention patent: a plate electrode for ozone generator and its preparation method and application.


In August, the company issued shares to specific investors was completed for the registration of new share issuance. The company raised 0.36 billion yuan for the production and construction of Xinjiang 25000 tons/year high quality crystal glyoxylic acid project.


In September, sub-subsidiary company was established as Qingdao Guolin New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.


In September, the ultra-pure and efficient mixing device was successfully developed to reach the efficient mixing of ultra-pure water and ozone gas.


In September, the new workshop, warehouse center workshop, was completed and put into use.


In October, the company participated in the 13th five-year scientific and technological innovation achievement exhibition and received a notice of praise.


In December, the company's complete set of large ozone generator equipment won the title of Qingdao innovative product.


In December, set up a subsidiary company as Qingdao Guolin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.


In December, the company completed 3000 square meters of machining workshop, ready to put into use.


In June 2022, Xinjiang factory was officially put into production.


In August 2022, Xinjiang Guolin's ozone process of Crystal glyoxylic acid and Guolin semiconductor's semiconductor process of special ultra-pure high concentration ozone device are selected for the national industrial base Innovation Development Directory (version 2021);


In September 2022, Selected as the list of key enterprises in Qingdao's manufacturing supply chain.


In October 2022, awarded as national intellectual property advantageous enterprise.


In October 2022, get Qingdao's leading Benchmarking Enterprise honorary title for non-stateowned company.


In November 2022, get the title of strong enterprise of environmental protection industry.

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